LRAD 1000™ Highly Intelligible Long Distance Communication


The LRAD-1000 clearly communicates information, instructions and warnings, using focussed directional transmissions over and beyond a distance of 2,000 metres.

Large safety zones can be created by using long distance hailing and warning. The use of powerful voice commands and warnings, giving time and opportunity to evaluate intruder intent and influence behaviour.
The U.S. Navy chose the LRAD-1000 for use on board as part of ship protection systems             

  • Long stand-off distances can be created to increase protection
  • LRAD-1000Xi coverage means fewer personnel needed
  • Intruder intent can be determined from an extended, safer distance
  • Ships can challenge small vessels with clear, forceful communication
  • Perimeter protection for oil and gas platforms, mining operations, chemical and power plants
  • Repels targeted birds from crops, buildings and airports by issuing bird distress calls.
  • Enforces safety zones for ships in areas of pirate activitys
  • Built for marine conditions
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LRAD-1000 System Specifications

Acoustic Performance
Maximum Continuous Output
149 dB SPL at 1 meter
Beam Width
+/-15° @ 1.0 kHz/-3dB
Communications Range
Highly intelligible speech transmissions over 2000 meters;*Max range of 650 meters over 88 dB of background noise.

Physical Dimensions
30” W x 32“ H x 13” D
66 lbs (30 kg) without accessories

Moulded low smoke composite; 6061 Aluminum Stainless steel 316 Stainless hardware
Ordering Information
Colours: Grey


LRAD1000 Head Unit Assembly, Manually Directed, Grey
LRAD1000 AC Power Supply Electronics Enclosure, Grey
RAD-1000 Yoke Assembly, Grey
Ground-First Straight Plug Power Cable Assembly, 12FT
Ear Plug, Foam, W/O Cord, NRR 32db (QTY 200)
Banded Earplug, NRR 25db (QTY 2)
MP3 Player Kit, D38999, Stainless Steel
Handheld Noise Cancelling Microphone, Shure 577B, D38999 Stainless Steel
Moulded Tilt Lock Knob Assembly, M12 x 65mm L (QTY 2)
CD Player Cable Assembly, , D38999 to 3.5MM Phone, Stainless Steel
LRAD-1000 Cable Assembly, DC input, 4X14GA, 12 FEET, Stainless Steel
Ship/Vehicle Rail Mounting Assembly, Stainless Steel
LRAD-1000 Cable assembly, AC PS to DC input
Removeable Handle(QTY 2)


Mount, Receiver, 2", Mobile

Assembly, Mounting, Ship/Vehicle Rail, SS

Tripod, Heavy Duty Aluminium, LRAD 1000

CD input cable, LRAD-X, D38999, Al

Spare Parts Spares kit, LRAD 1000
 1 Catalog, Micorphone, SS Connector, LRAD-1000
 1 Catalog, MP3 Player, SS Connector, LRAD-1000
 1 Cord, Power, 4Pin, 12ft, LRAD 1000 & 500
 1 Manual, Printed, Operation & Maintenance, LRAD-1000
 2 Handle, LRAD-1000, Removable
 1 Cable, Amplifier Pack to Head Unit, 20ft, LRAD-1000
 2 Washer, Rubber, 1/2"ID X 3"OD, Reinforced
 2 Assembly, tilt lock knob,molded

Bag, Carrying, Tripod, Blue

Bag, Carrying, Tripod, Navy Grey

Bag, Carrying, Tripod, Tan

Protection, Hearing, Headset

Protection, Hearing, Box, Foamy

Cable, Download, MP3, USB adapter, D38999

Catalog, Microphone, SS Connector, LRAD-1000

Catalog, MP3 Player, SS Connector, LRAD-1000           

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