New Iridium Pilot

Iridium introduces the next generation of pole-to-pole global voice and IP Broadband communications equipment.



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  • True global coverage; pole-to-pole
  • 3 Independent phone lines
  • 5 Year Equipment warranty*
  • Global support service
  • Easy installation
  • Ideal crew calling solution



  • 230mm (9.06") High
  • 250mm (22.44") Diameter
  • 1.35 kgs (24.25 lbs) Weight


  • 200 mm (7.78") Height
  • 250 mm (9.84") Width
  • 55 mm (2.17") Diameter
  • 1.35 kgs (2.98 lbs) Weight


  • Up to 134 kbps bidirectional via Iridium
  • OpenPort broadband service


  • 3 independent voice phone lines


  • True, pole-to-pole, global coverage

*1 Year warranty for accessories


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Built to work anywhere at sea and in the toughest conditions from burning equator sunshine to freezing arctic conditions and gale force winds, the new Iridium Pilot delivers broadband data and high quality voice from a single low cost platform.

The Iridium Pilot keeps ships, via Iridium's total global coverage, connected to the rest of the world and is engineered and built to perform in virtually any weather the marine environment can throw at it.

It is powered by the truly global coverage ofIridium's Openport broadband. A highly reliable service and the world's largest maritime satellite network, which offers voice and data at a price to fit almost any budget.

Three independent phone lines enhance crew calling facilities. No more queuing and flexible and affordable crew calling options, even at peak time, helps staff retention.

Iridium's performance is such that it comes backed by a 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty (1 year for accessories). This exceptional, industry leading warranty offers real peace of mind and comes backed by a shipboard support service, which is operational 24/7 at over 60 ports worldwide.

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