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What are you spending on calls to your ships?

Even if you only make few calls the costs can quickly mount up. SatelliteConnect significantly cuts your spend on voice, fax and data calls.

If you have checked your telecom bills recently you will know just how costly a mobile satellite phone or calling your ships at sea can be?

For many telecom providers such calls are not their core business. So you may not be getting the most competitive rates and likely to be paying more than you need to.

SatelliteConnect allows you to make calls to satellite phones and ships at sea directly via Telemar's service. By connecting directly to the LES (Land Earth Station) we can avoid premium charges, which are normally added by most telecom companies, and maintain low tariffs.

SatelliteConnect services are available for calls to Inmarsat-B, M, mini-M, Fleet and GAN, as well as Iridium and Thuraya. And high-speed data connections for GAN, Inmarsat-B and Fleet services can also be established.

Features & Benefits

  • Available for calls to all Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya services
  • Low tariffs mean real cash savings
  • Access via toll-free number
  • Quick dial numbers - up to 9999 can be set
  • Voice, fax and data connections
  • Access whilst travelling overseas
  • Auto telephone number recognition or PIN identification
  • No monthly fees
  • Global Access

How to use SatelliteConnect

Simply register your telephone number for access Calling Line Identification (CLI): Registered CLI allows the switch to recognise the originating telephone number and to connect the call without the need for the users PIN code.

PIN code access can be used when travelling overseas for making calls through the local access number.

Quick Number Dialling:  Allows more convenient use as user does not have to dial the full Inmarsat number, simply dial the access number. Up to 9999 numbers can be set.

Enhanced Options: Further enhanced options available -please contact us for further details.

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Tariffs US$/Minute

To mini-M $ 2.04
To Inmarsat-B*/M $ 2.88
To Inmarsat-FBB Voice $ 4.90
To Fleet Voice* $ 2.04
To Iridium $ 7.20
To Thuraya $ 2.63
*different rates apply for HSD Calls


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