LRAD 360X™ - 360º Communications Over Wide Areas

The LRAD 360X broadcasts powerful emergency/warning siren sounds, multi-language messages and a near infinite variety of wildlife tones and predator calls in a 360° pattern over distances up to 2 miles. The LRAD 360X is modular enabling customization of the system to fit individual mass notification systems and wildlife protection requirements.                 
  • Full Ruggedized
  • Field Upgradeable for Added Sound Coverage
  • Flexible Power Options Including Battery Backup, Generator Backup & Solar
  • Optional TCIP Network Control Interface Proves Centralized Control for Multiple Device              


Number of Dishes Power Consumption (Watts) SPL at 1 Meter (dBA) Range at 80dB (meters) Coverage Area at 80dB Minimum (square kilometers)
One 320 129 282 0.25
Two 640 135 562 o.99
Four 1280 141 1122 3.96
Eight 2560 147 2239 24.95
Ten 3200 149 2818 24.95


Dimensions 34"W x 28.5"H
Each additional dish increases the height by 12" - 110lbs, Each additional disk adds 45lbs;
Weight: 515lbs for a ten-stack.
Construction Injection moulded impact resistant plastic; 6061 Aluminum                         

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