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Seamore is the new ideal method for shipping companies to manage their business, using operational applications and allowing crew members easy access for calls with friends and family in privacy, as well as all the benefits of SMS, emails, Internet browsing and social networking, news and leisure applications.


Everyone on board can enjoy the freedom of connecting to the world with cost-efficient GSM voice and data via satellite without the costs of GSM connection.


SeaMore is a full-service solution. It is user friendly and puts an integrated Wi-Fi system on board to give users private communications similar to that of onshore GSM. And it does so without roaming costs, with several maritime application suites, Vizada XChange and an interactive web site.


This allows users to connect their iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android in the same way as they would if they were onshore.


Seamore is powered by Vizada's XChange, which provides a single integrated platform for reliable connections on all satellite networks.


Ship owners and managers, Captains and Superintendents can easily optimise business operations, with direct access to business applications 24/7, including: real-time tracking and maintenance reporting with Telemar's World Service app; GPS Locator; weather forecasts; optimised fleet surveillance monitoring by fleet, vessel or users; remote IT control; secure onboard network; store & share content and templates via onboard networks; Lloyd's List and many other apps.


Seamore adds to life at sea and improves morale by providing crew with affordable private communications. Cost effective, affordable GSM-like connections give them private crew calling, emailing, SMS and simple messaging.


Crew personnel are able to use personal applications and devices almost anywhere on board. Compression and caching mean they can browse the Internet at lower cost. They can also get free on board news and sport, videos and music, e-books or other media content from an on board library. Companies can set usage policies, with personal monitoring and cost alerts.


Communications privacy and mobility have become reality for maritime users. This enhanced solution from Vizada has benefited from their understanding of the end-user and their demands.


Seamore's simplicity and convenience make it a unique solution and one, which will save time and money and make ship communications more as those found on shore.    

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