Iridium GO! - Transforms your smartphone and tablet into a mobile Satellite communications device

Iiridum's latest addition to its network is a small, compact unit that connects smartphones and tablets from virtually anywhere on earth to the rest of the world.

Iridium GO! creates a WiFi zone of up to 30 metres and allows the user to connect to Iridium's global satellite network. Up to 5 smartphones, laptops or tablets can connect to the hub, so no matter where they are linked to the world.

It simplifies global communications and offers satellite connections in areas where the terrestrial telecommunications networks simply non-existent, patchy or unreliable.

This is first ever reliable, truly global connection for voice and data communications from your smartphone or up to 5 mobile devices. No roaming charges, no problems, you can be connected and in touch whenever and wherever you are, using the personal mobile device you normally use on a day-to-day basis.

Ideal for anyone working out of cellular range:

  • Mariners, Truckers and Pilots
  • Explorers and Adventurers
  • Emergency Services and First Response
  • Global Business Travellers and Executives
  • Diplomats and Foreign missions
  • Government Organisations and NGOs
  • Military operations
  • M2M applications

Iridium GO! is simple and easy to use
It is battery powered, simple and compact with an integrated flip up antenna, which connects quickly and automatically to the Iridium LEO satellite constellation, creating a 30.5 metre (100 ft) radius hot-spot Wi-Fi Zone.
Iridium GO! provides a full range of global communications, including:

  • Voice Calls
  • Email Access
  • Apps
  • Social Networking
  • Photo Share
  • SMS
  • GPS Tracking
  • SOS Alert
<p >Mobility
Small and compact enough to fit into your pocket. And, as with other Iridium kit it is built to withstand rough use, sand, dust and water. It is easily stowed in a backpack, mounted in a vehicle, aircraft or boat for mobile applications

Iridium GO! Combines the very best satellite and cellular features to create an entirely new personal satellite mobile device, which also offers Iridium partners a powerful platform on which to build applications.

Apple and Android compatibility is supported with affordable plans to keep voice and data costs reasonable. Iridium GO! extends the capability of proven and trusted mobile devices and allows multiple users to share connection and eliminates roaming charges.


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Technical Specification

Size: 4.5"x 3.25" x 1.25"

Military-grade ruggedness (MIL-STD 810F)
Ingress Protection (IP65)

Ease of Use:
Lay-flat, stable design
Flip-up antenna
Built-in status-menu display

Wi-Fi ready
Developer application API
Robust accessory platform



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