NEW First Mate MS Handheld Thermal Camera

Using the same, best-in-class, thermal imaging technology used by the Voyager, Navigator II and M-Series cameras, the New First Mate handheld thermal camera provides a light weight, affordable unit so that everyone can have thermal imaging on board.

Extremely affordable: Thermal night vision cameras are now affordable and available to almost everyone. Cost is no longer a bar to having the best quality thermal night vision available

Sharp thermal imaging: The FLIR First Mate, MS-Series uses an uncooled, maintenance free, microbolometer detector. The MS-324 delivers crisp 320x240 pixel images, day or night. Or you may choose the MS224, which produces a crisp image of 240x180 pixels. They do so without the need for manual adjustment as they are equipped with advanced automatic software.

Portable and rugged: The First Mate is IP67 rated and extremely compact and an easy to handle lightweight design. It is ideal for anywhere use and in almost all situations.

Easy operation: The MS-Series is ergonomically designed to make it easy to handle and operate, with just 4 buttons at your fingertips, conveniently situated at the top of the unit.

LED tasklight: Supplied as standard with a LED task light at the front of the camera, which can be used to light up a small area.

Long battery life: The MS-Series is equipped as standard with long-life rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, which will provide 5 to 7 hours of operation on a single charge.

Range performance: Can detect a small vessel at no less than 1.2 kilometres. The MS-324 is also equipped with a x2 digital zoom for a close up view of targets when needed.


Flir First Mate MS Series Handheld THermal Imaging Camera

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The First Mate gives anyone at sea or on inland waterways affordable thermal night vision for more information contact us on: +44 (0)1306 883355

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