Flir M-Series Thermal Imaging and Low Light Camera

Thermal imaging camera and low light camera combined in a single unit.

The M Series is designed for some of the most challenging marine conditions and applications. Its thermal and low light cameras are combined into a small, compact gimbal and deliver clear, crisp imagery in total darkness, smoke or light fog.

This powerful tool provides the perfect aid to night navigation, man overboard, vessel security, piracy, as well as many other situations.

Easy Remote Controlled Joystick Pan & Tilt

As standard, comes complete with an easy to use remote control joystick to operate the tilt and pan. Optionally, it can also be controlled from different locations in the vessel. The joystick unit is the principal method of controlling the camera's tilt and pan as well as the electronic zoom, in and out, switching between thermal and low light cameras, image quality adjustments and access to the on-screen menus.

The control panel, as with the camera, is fully sealed for marine application, to meet IP66 Standards.
The camera can be made to look in the exact direction required via the control knob, which gives the precise proportional speed control.

The JCU Puck works just like a joystick, moving left or right, fore and aft, and and rotates in either direction; press down to click like a mouse or pulled up. It moves the camera's Pan and Tilt position and navigates through the on-screen menus


  • Thermal imaging camera and low light camera: Both a thermal imaging and low light cameras and used in the M-Series. Thermal imaging is the perfect tool for navigating on the darkest of nights and the low light camera is ideal for situations where theres is some light such as moonlight or environmental light.
  • Designed for use in harsh maritime environments: This is an extremely rugged system and the camera's core is rated IP66. A built-in heater defrosts the protective window and it is protected against water and humidity making sure the lens is kept clear and the quality of the infrared image, even in extremely low temperatures, is crip and good quality.
  • Easy-to-use Pan/Tilt system: An intuitive joystick is included as standard and gives the navigator a 360º horizontal view and/or +/- 90º vertical view, giving exceptional situation awareness.
  • Light in weight: The M-Series, is light in weight and can be installed at almost any location on board to give the navigator optimum observation.
  • Electronic zoom: The M-Series is equipped with an electronic x2 and x4 zoom is provide a closer view of any situation.
  • Image freeze: An on screen video pause and freeze are possible with the M-Series; a useful feature which allows the user to study more detailed view of objects for clarification.
  • Parking position: A Parked Position can be set when the unit is not being used, ensuring the lenses are protected.
  • Easy installation options: The M-Series is easy to install and can be mounted with the ball-up or ball-down.

FLir M-Series Thermal and Low Light Camera

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Affordable thermal night vision ideal for night time surveillance and security 

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