FLIR MU-/MV-Series

Ultra long-range multi-sensor thermal night vision systems

As the most technologically advanced thermal night vision cameras available to the shipping industry, the MU- range offers one of the most powerful long range systems.
The MU- Range provides a long range, gyro-stabilised, multi-sensorof thermal night vision system and is available in 3 different versions, the MU-602C, MU-602CL and MU-602CLW.
The MU-602C has a cooled midwave, high resolution 640x512 pixel thermal camera, with a x14 optical zoom and field of view between 28º and 2º. it has a high-resolution 550-line color camera as standard and a daylight camera with a x28 optical zoom. This model is also equipped with a low light b/w camera and comes complete with an uncooled high resolution (640x480) long range thermal camera giving the MU series a multi-spectoral capability.
The MV Range differs in that it is a more affordable solution and is ideal for short range target detection, offering thermal imaging camera equipped with an uncooled VOx, Vanadium Oxide, Detector, which provides images of 640x480 pixels and has zoom with a field of view between 24.5° and a 4°.

MV-604C has a visible color and thermal imaging and the MV-604CL is also equipped with a black & white low light camera.


  • Pan/tilt: all versions of the MU and MV Range have a 360° continuous pan and a +/- 90° tilt, providing exceptional situation awareness.
  • Active gyro-stabilisation: Even in rough sea conditions it provides a stable imaging platform, essential for getting the best long range imaging from both the MU and MV range
  • Radar tracking: means operators can use the MU and MV-Series to identify and track particular radar returns, improving ship safety in conditions of low visibility.
  • Video tracker: the selection of a given target means it can be automatically tracked by the video tracker.
  • Engaging and selecting in tracking mode is easy at the touch of a button. Once engaged, the camera follows the object so as long as it is visible.
  • Picture-in Picture mode: with the Picture-in-Picture mode (PIP) two sensors can be displayed on a single display. The user can select which sensor to display as full screen.
  • Digital detail enhancement (DDE): assures a crisp thermal image even in scenes with extreme temperature dynamics.
  • Continuous optical zoom: The FLIR MU- / MV-series have a continuous optical zoom on the thermal image allowing to have a closer look at objects which are far away.
  • Ball up / Ball down installation: The FLIR MU- / MV-series can be installed in ball-up or ball-down position, giving you more flexibility installing it on your vessel.

Flir MU Series Thermal Imaging

Affordable thermal night vision ideal for night time surveillance and security.


Available Options
  MU-602C MU-602CL


MU-604C MV-604CL
Sensor type Focal Plane Array (FPA), Cooled MWIR 640 x 512 pixels Focal Plane Array (FPA), Uncooled LWIR 640 x 480 pixels
FOV (Field of View) Continuous Optical Zoom WFOV 28° x 22.4° to NFOV 2° x 1.6° (PAL) 22.4° to NFOV 2° x 1.6° (PAL)
Continuous Optical Zoom WFOV 24.5° x 18.5° to NFOV 4.1° x 3.1°
Focus Focus free at infinity/Manual/Auto/Wide
Visible Colour Camera
Low Light Camera    
Thermal LW camera        
Detect man-sized target 9.2 km 4.4 km
Detect small vessel 15.5 km 12.7 km
FLir MU-MV Thermal Camera Detail
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