TimeZero Coastal Monitoring Systems

The cost effective, true turnkey, answer for land-based harbour and coastal surveillance system

TimeZero off-the-shelf packages are designed to provide standard systems to suit the needs of most small to medium ports and harbours. They also provide the distinct advantage of being just a fraction of the cost of a bespoke system.

The TimeZero Coastal Monitoring system is a practical innovation and a true turnkey solution. It provides a straightforward option for many small ports and harbours, as well as oil rigs, off shore facilities and coastal monitoring stations.

The standard system is flexible and can be, for most applications, set-up and configured to meet specific requirements.


  • Vessel and navigational object monitoring and identification
  • Usage optimisation of port infrastructure
  • Detection of illegal activity such as, terrorism, smuggling, piracy. illegal immigration and fishing
  • Collision avoidance
  • Search and Rescue assistance as well as help with Coastguard activities
  • Record and replay facility for admin

TimeZero is based on tried and tested hardware built by Furuno, a world class manufacturer, which has an unrivalled reputation as an industry leader.

This is a unique package and possibly the only one available to offer such outstanding integration.

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Zone Monitoring
VHF Radio
Record & Replay

Flir M-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

TimeZero provides native compatibility with specific Flir Cameras and with cameras, which use standard Pelco-D protocols.

Flir is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of thermal infrared cameras. Its M-Series Premium Multi Sensor systems combine low light cameras with thermal imaging to give users crisp thermal imaging in total darkness or light, even in smoke or foggy conditions.

Flir's M-Series is design and built for some of the toughest and demanding maritime conditions. They are small, extremely compact gimbals and are the perfect tool for situations where security and safety are vital. They are ideal for night-time shipboard security, MOB rescue, piracy incidents and numerous other applications.  Read more about the Flir M-Series… 

Flir Thermal Cameras

TimeZero Weather Forecasting

Free unlimited access to weather forecasting worldwide is a significant feature of TimeZero monitoring. Up to 16 days ahead reliable forecasting is available free, directly via the software.  And Time Zero can also be connect with a real-time weather station.

Weather Forecasting


AIS/ARPA Radar Target Tracking

AIS is now common feature of virtually all maritime control and identification. And so it is with TImeZero, which incorporates the very best in powerful AIS technology.

AIS Targets can be set in specific colours nominated to identify vessel types. Target can automatically or manually be classified to provide precise information about vessels in the vicinity.

TimeZero displays the best possible detection information by processing the raw data using its own proprietary high-res ARPA algorithm and post-processing filtration. Almost any number of ARPA exclusion and acquisition zones can be set to allow precise definition of those areas being monitored.

AIS-ARPA Radar Tracking



Zone Monitoring

A full range of alarm AIS and ARPA customization includes:

  • Speed change of specified target within an area
  • Target entering a
  • Target leaving a monitored zone

The easy configuration of all types of notifications, sounds all types of alerts is possible and can even start other PC scripts and open applications, thereby expanding your systems functionality.

Zone Monitoring


VHF Radio Integration

TimeZero can be connected to as many as 4 separate VHF radios, allowing the monitoring of up to 4 separate channels simultaneously. Integration also allows advanced channel recording and backup for all four VHF channels.

VHF Radio Communications


Record, replay and watch

User friendly and intuitive user interface makes it easy to return, in time, to listen to past VHF communications together with radar images and videos of vessel movements. VHF conversations, with AIS movements can provide valuable information for such things as traffic analysis, incident and accident investigations.


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