Airbus Pharostar VSAT

Pharostar is a low-cost VSAT service providing users with the most extensive global coverage of marine broadband communications.

Easily accessible marine communications: Internet, email, voice and news, via our always-on IP-based services and our proprietary worldwide teleport network, along with a range and choice of leading Ku-band antennas.

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Pharostar VSAT Antennas



There are two types of Pharostar available. Both are cost effective high-performance services, providing a bandwidth of up to 6Mbps. The entry-level, voice and data, package with a choice of competitively priced airtime allowances makes VSAT easy. But for greater flexibility Pharostar Premium adds critical commercial communications.

Commercial Applications

  • Internet access.
  • Email.
  • PSTN quality voice.
  • Prepaid voice and data via Universal Card or XChange.
  • SMS and Fax via SkyFile Mail.

Commercial applications available with Pharostar Premium:

  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
  • Database backup.




Usage Standard, Crew & Business Business Critical Applications
Coverage with automatic beam switching Global Regional. Multi-regional, Global
Committed Information Rate N/A 32-1024
IP Data Speed Up to 1.5Mbps Up to 6Mbps
Data Change Per Allowance: 5, 10, 20, 30 GB CIR Service Levels
Voice/Telephony 2 Voice Lines 4 Voice Lines
Fax/SMS SkyFile® Mail SkyFile® Mail
Solutions Business Professional Pack

Choice of Equipment

Pharostar uses robust and advanced technology antenna systems, designed for maritime application and stabilised to operate in extreme environments. It offers a choice of Cobham Satcom, Intellian and SeaTel antennas in sizes to meet every need and application.


Innovation with Added Value

Airbus solutions provide innovative services to assist you getting the best value from satellite connectivity.  That includes a range of solutions for Pharostar, which are seamlessly integrated in our XChange Platform to provide:


Enhanced control of IT and Communications. 

XChange gives centralised voice and data, VOIP and Internet access for optimum management of communications and does so independently of the satellite’s VSAT/MSS technology.


Global IP-based solutions

Pharostar provides range of professional IP features to manage data communications and to ensure secure access to corporate networks.
The Data Manager allows online personal firewall management, web compression and web filtering.


Cost-efficient crew prepaid

Universal Card™, a flexible solution for prepaid voice and data communications, enhances crew welfare.


Secure communications

SkyFile® Anti Virus provides protection for remote computers from potentially harmful viruses. Adding this to a completely preconfigured Crew PC protects assets from viruses and unexpected high, prepaid traffic.
Fully automatic anti-virus updates, notification and version verification ensure you keep your computers and LAN safe even while at sea.


Easy Fixed2Mobile calling

Using Satellite Direct Plus® calls can be made direct to mobile satellite terminals from a fixed or mobile phone. The mobile satellite terminal is reached by dialing a pre-assigned terrestrial number. 

VSAT Coverage

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