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Night and day the X21-VSAT gives smaller vessels all the benefits of big ship satellite communications. 
This powerful, comprehensive alternative is streets ahead, with reliable data access 24/7 with no restriction to the amount of data used.

  • Reliable, consistent access
  • No restriction on the amount of monthly data
  • Unlimited usage, day in day out, all year round
  • Big ship features for smaller vessels
  • Inclusive airtime and equipment package at a fixed price
  • No capital investment needed up front
  • Compatible with a wide range of airtime providers
  • Compatible with many different apps such as VoIP, Skype, Internet, Email
  • Direct dial STD lines available
  • Supported worldwide by Telemar (UK)
  • Wider Regional Spot Beam Coverage

x21 Vsat Coverage

X21 is a comprehensive, unlimited business data exchange services, with exceptional crew welfare benefits, such as Internet, social media, email and Skype.

X21-Vsat offers the option of up to two STD lines, featuring a standard UK dialling code ie. 01224 01346 etc calls to and from the Vsat will benefit from the standard landline rates available. And for those who prefer VOiP there are apps, such as VIBER, which provide clear and consistent voice communications via X21 Vsat.

Unlimited Data Usage
X21 unlimited means just that. End of monthly restrictive policies from competitors do not apply here.  X21 is unlimited, day in, day out all year round.

Speed plans start at 512Kbps download and 128Kbps Upload max rates with a service that keeps you connected even at the most congested periods of use. Unlike other users we will never leave you off line with our 10:1 client ratio, a feature usually found on deep sea merchant clients and is now available for the fishing industry.

You can be assured and have peace of mind that, even with all ten users online and using it at its full capacity, the connection will never drop out. 

But this is not the only Big Ship feature.  All X21-VSAT systems are rated at 8W.  Where lower rated systems are susceptible to loss of signal in adverse weather conditions, X21's higher output power minimises the risk.

Such services are usually reserved for larger commercial vessels.  But Telemar has entered into an agreement, which reduces the cost and increases the capacity, making it available to all.

X21 has one of the most extensive Spot Beam footprints for regional coverage.  So no matter whether you are fishing in the Northern waters or cruising in the Mediterranean you can be sure of a high-speed broadband connection.

Inclusive Package at a Fixed Pric
Hardware leasing deals can be included in any Telemar (UK) Airtime package.  This means no capital investment needed and the cost of the equipment can be made more efficient and affordable with the option of 12 to 60 monthly payments.

X21-VSAT is also a system compatible with a wide range of airtime providers, so it offers the advantage of giving you the most competitive prices at all times.

And with the widest range of options, such as remote access, GSM back up prioritised Wi-Fi and much more we offer systems for vessels of all classes and sizes at affordable prices and plans

X21 Vsat Small Vessels

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