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Iridium Pole-to-Pole Network

15x15Iridium Openport - The truly global satellite network

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For ships large and small, the Iridium service offers highly reliable, broadband voice and data communications everywhere at sea.
Whatever your communications needs are Iridium delivers reliable, low cost operational and crew calling options.

Pilot gives you big ship communications capability at low cost; email, web access, social media, crew calling with friends and family, or as a back-up system.
Reduced Airtime Costs: Iridium Pilot can, compared to other systems, substantially reduce your airtime bills but still deliver throughput and improved reliability.
Flexible Plans for Voice & Data: We offer a range of customised voice and data plans to meet your specific operational and crew calling needs.

Availability & Reliability: Iridium's unique Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellite network is made up of 66 cross-linked satellites, which have inherent advantages over GEO Stationary constellations. Iridium's system delivers robust low latency communications and operates within the L-band spectrum, which makes it almost impervious to poor weather conditions. It is often used therefore for mission-critical requirements and serves as a back-up to VSAT or other ship communications.

Connectivity & Global Coverage: Pilot's broadband service is delivered via the world's truly global and largest commercial satellite network. It gives its customers pole-to-pole coverage and is, for ships sailing in the A4 region, the only broadband option available.

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