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Telemar SeaCall™ VSAT
Keeps your ships and crews close to home no matter where they operate


SeaCall VSAT


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With Internet access and VoIP, IP telephone, connections Seacall provides improved ship communications. A competitive 21st century edge without any vast investment or ongoing airtime bills.

Email, web access and links to corporate Intranet can keep the ship close, making it easier to manage and help to make it more cost effective to operate. It enables the possibility of such communications tools as video conferencing and data measurement, as well as surveillance and security. The potential is enormous. Seacall's crew calling, for example, will improve morale at sea. Access to the Internet, at no added cost as well as calls to friends and family, at possibly the lowest rates available, will make the company a more attractive employer.

Telemar's SeaCall™ VSAT gives you broadband coverage, globally via C-band - 2.4 m antenna - or around the globe on major shipping routes using Ku-band, multi-regional coverage, which uses a smaller, more compact antenna measuring 0.6 - 1.5 Ø antenna.

Fixed monthly fee provides always on:

Internet access and IP telephony at sea
Crew calling at very low rates.
Internet access, which improves crew welfare and morale at no extra cost

Available at competitive rates:

  • Buy or rent the onboard equipment
  • SeaTel™ antenna reliability
  • C-band global coverage or Ku-band multi regional coverage
  • Flexibility of bandwidth choices and service areas
  • Equipment installation and service worldwide
  • 2.4 m antenna diameter

Depending on specific needs, the following standard, shared access bandwidth, packages are available from Telemar (UK):

Shore-to-Ship, Ship-to-Shore No. of VoIP Lines:

512 kbps 128 kbps 1
1024 kbps 256 kbps 2
3072 kbps 512 kbps 2

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