Kelvin Hughes – A Flair For Innovation

Kelvin Hughes'latest range of radar and navigational equipment continues the company's flair for innovation; continuing to build on its ability to supply a wide range of systems, from integrated bridge packages and ECDIS to VDR (Voyage Data Recording) systems.

These systems are designed to meet the needs of all types and size of vessel, from cruise liners to ferries, fishing vessels to work boats and from tankers to tugs.

At the centre of Kelvin Hughes' product range is its multifunction MantaDigital™ workstation. This display platform can host conning functions along with radar and ECDIS on a wide screen display. Each display unit can provide an instantaneous backup to any other workstation, making it an efficient, cost effective solution.

SharpEye™ is the ultimate in performance; a solid-state radar system providing clearer displays and the lowest through-life maintenance cost. Add to that the 5 year, worldwide warranty and you have a one of the best radars available.

Telemar provides worldwide support 24/7 through its global network of service depots and associated companies.



TUK-KH-radar-200612-1MantaDigital Radar
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TUK-KH-S-VDR-200612-1MantaDigital VDR
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TUK-KH-ECDIS-040712-1MantaDigital ECDIS
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TUK-KH-ECDIS-Plus-040712-1MantaDigital ECDIS
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