Valentine’s Day 2022: 31 sweet gift ideas for kids of all ages (2024)

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with the the perfect gift. After all, your kiddo deserves it.

With a holiday geared towards romance, you’ll usually come across gift options such as fancy jewelry, long stem roses and intimates for partners trying to show their appreciation. While great for a girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband, your little one may not think the same.

In an effort to help you find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to make your mini Valentine feel extra special on the annual day of love, we scoured the internet to find the ideal presents for girls and boys of all ages.

No matter what your kiddo is into, our list includes something for all areas of interest.

Keep scrolling to score an adorable pink teddy bear, a red corduroy shirt, a small pot of roses and so much more.

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Valentine’s Gifts For All Kids

1. See’s Candies Valentine’s Elephants Box, $10.50

Some of our favorite V-day memories include chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. You really can’t go wrong with a classic box of See’s Candies.

2. Lovable Pup Rose Plant, $36.99

Complete with a plush pup, potted rose buds and a heart-shaped box of chocolates, your little one will feel all the love.

3. Guess How Much I Love You, $4.62

Does it get sweeter than the perfect Valentine’s Day book, “Guess How Much I Love You”? We don’t think so, and we are sure your kiddo will adore it just as much.

4. Valentine’s Pack, $29.99

It’s almost impossible to name a better duo than kids and candy. This themed bucket is full of popcorn, M&Ms, Skittles, Hot Tamales and Sweet Tarts.

6. Wearable Sherpa Hoodie for kids, $39.99

Whether they’re watching a movie, doing homework or running around the house, this sherpa hoodie will keep them warm and toasty.

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7. Jelly Belly 10-Flavor Valentine’s Gift Box, $7.99

Full of 10 fun flavors and exciting colors, this Valentine’s themed Jelly Belly gift box is sure to put a smile on your little one’s face.

8. PLUS PLUS Mini Maker Tube, $7.99

Let their creativity flow with the help of this Mini Maker Tube. Your child can build and create red, white and pink hearts that remind them of the love you have for them.

9. Dirty Cookie Valentine’s DIY Cookie Decorating Kit, $49.99

Cookies and milk are already great, but add in Valentine’s themed decorating supplies, and it gets that much sweeter. This Dirty Cookie decorating kit is a fun and easy activity accomplish, and it tastes as yummy as it looks.

10. CreateOn LOVE From The Very Hungry Caterpillar Magna-Tiles Structures, $44.99

Bring the classic story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” to life with this limited-edition set. Inside, you’ll find a total of 16 tiles to enjoy.

11. Valentine’s Day Coloring Book, $7.95

Color your kiddos world with this Valentine’s Day inspired coloring book. Inside, you’ll find non-bleed through pages, easily removable edges and bright white pages.

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Valentine’s Gifts For Girls

1. GUND Snuffles Pink Teddy Bear, $20

What’s cuter than a pink, snuggly teddy bear? Your little one will be able to love on this little plush for years to come.

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2. Claire’s Valentine’s Day Heart Print Fuzzy Crew Socks, $9.99

Keep her cozy with the most festive socks out there. Details include a pink, red and white heart design.

3. Besharppin Heart Shaped Jewelry Box with Mirror, $22.99

Make sure all of her little treasures stay safe and secure with this adorable heart-shaped jewelry box. Complete with separate compartments and a mirror, everything will have a designated place.

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4. FAO x Posh Peanut Floral Pajama, $45

Who doesn’t love pajamas? Better yet, who doesn’t love extremely soft, luxe pajamas? We guarantee the cozy fabric and sweet design will make her swoon!

5. Claire’s Valentine’s Day Heart & Spiral Hair Ties, $7.99

Make a good hair day even better with the help of these festive red, pink and silver hair ties. The pack also contains special heart-shaped bracelet bands.

6. Kidpik Kind-Hearted, $16.50 (originally $27.50)

This heart-adorned long sleeve shirt isn’t only great for Valentine’s Day, but it is the perfect top for days to come.

7. STATE Bags Cameron Crossbody, $48

There’s nothing like having your own handbag, and this crossbody will more than do the trick. The swishy material is easy to keep clean, while the front design adds style.

8.Kidpik XO Sweater, $16.50 (originally $27.50)

Spread hugs and kisses this valentine’s day with this Kidpik sweater. With a ribbed hem and sleeves, corded neck and 100% cotton material, it’s just as comfy as it’s cute.

9. STATE Bags Water Bottle Sling, $24.50 (originally $35)

A great gift for both you and your little one, this water bottle sling will allow you to be hands free.

10. HABA Snug-up Dolly Luisa, $17.99

There’s nothing like spreading love on Valentine’s Day. With this Dolly Luisa, your little girl can now adore her own little one.

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Valentine’s Gifts For Boys

1. Kidpik Cordruoy Shirt, $17.85 (originally $25.50)

Made with high-quality material, this red button up features sturdy buttons and a structured collar. Your boy will undoubtedly be the best dressed.

2. GUND Kai Vanilla Teddy Bear, $18.99 (originally $20)

Who doesn’t want a snuggle buddy? Not only is this vanilla colored teddy soft and cozy, but it also features an adorably oversized head.

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3. STATE Bags Mini Kane Travel, $70

This green, blue, yellow and orange backpack will become your little guy’s ideal travel partner. Simply take it along to school, the park and more.

4. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox, $29.88 (originally $37.99)

Fill his gaming passion with a bit of love. This festive red color doesn’t only standout from typical black controllers, but it also features a gold center button.

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5. Kidpik Side Color Blocked Hoodie, $19.50 (originally $32.50)

Keep him warm with the help of this Kidpik hoodie. With a retro design, front pocket and pullover style, he’ll be ready for it all.

6. LEGO Valentine’s Brown Bear 40462 Building Kit, $14.99

There’s nothing like a new LEGO set to pass the time. This Valentine’s Day edition includes a bear, heart balloons and grass stand.

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7. Minted Lightning McQueen Route 66, $35

Make him feel extra loved this holiday with personalized art from Minted. Simply choose your desired frame size and type in his name. The brand will handle the rest!

8. Star Wars Yoda One For Me Valentine’s Graphic T-Shirt, $19.99

Tell your boy that he’s the one for you with this punny “Star Wars”-inspired gift. Choose from five various color to find his perfect match.

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9. Every Man Jack Body Wash with Marvel Iron Man, $17

Make bath time fun with the help of this limited-edition Spider man bodywash from Every Man Jack. He’ll be feeling like a superhero in no-time.

10. Frankie Dean Maggie the Cow Dream Blanket and Bedtime Book, $36

There’s nothing like a bedtime story. Help him drift to sleep with this sweet book. Better yet, pair it with the matching Maggie blanket and plush.

For more gifting recommendations, check out theNew York Post Shoppingsection.

Valentine’s Day 2022: 31 sweet gift ideas for kids of all ages (2024)
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