Valentine’s Day Decorations: DIY Ideas for Windows, Doors, & More (2024)

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Valentine’s Day Decorations: DIY Ideas for Windows, Doors, & More (2)

For many of us, Valentine’s Day decorations can feel a little overwhelming! Cards, bowls of candy, and carnations in every window make rooms explode with red and pink, but they don’t always capture the spirit of the holiday – showing your friends and loved ones that you care – let alone set the stage for a romantic evening with your beau.

Clever and crafty DIY Valentine’s Day decorations could be just what your home needs to look fun and feel festive without being quite so commercial. Read on for some ideas and inspirations!

Dress up your front door!

Valentine’s Day Decorations: DIY Ideas for Windows, Doors, & More (3)

Party guests and romantic partners alike will be charmed by the right Valentine’s Day door décor. We’re thinking things like:

  • A themed welcome sign, handmade or purchased from a local home décor store
  • Heart-shaped stickers or balloons posted around the door and its windows
  • Hanging flowers from the top – get creative with colors like purple, lavender, and yellow

Of course, your entry door should look top-notch before you dress it up. If your front door has dents or drafts, consider replacing it with asuperior entry door alternativefor a stylish and efficient upgrade.

Hang Valentine’s Day garlands around the house

Valentine’s Day Decorations: DIY Ideas for Windows, Doors, & More (4)

You can turn your home into a welcoming Valentine’s Day wonderland with fancy garlands, which you can hang over entryways, on the walls, and anywhere else you like. Flowery garlands are good go-to choices, especially if the blooms are in the right hues.

But you can also DIY your own Valentine’s Day garlands by buying some candy pieces, then sticking string along their backs and hanging the candy around the house. For even more fun, buy candy with pre-made holes so you don’t have to use glue to put the garlands together. That way, guests can steal a piece of candy or two while visiting your home (someone’s gotta eat it, right?).

Fill your window boxes with themed blooms

Valentine’s Day Decorations: DIY Ideas for Windows, Doors, & More (5)

Your home’s window boxesare great places to show your Valentine’s Day spirit. Depending on your climate, some fresh flowers might be better choices than others, or you may need to fill your boxes withmature winter plants. What to pick? We recommend:

  • Roses, of course! Remember, roses come in shades other than just red, like white and pink
  • Salvia, which can grow in colors like pink, purple, blue, red, and white
  • Snapdragons, which are popular for their bright blooms
  • Heliotropes, some of which can grow in shades of purple
  • Verbena, which are annuals that grow in white, pink, purple, lavender, or red

Stick a window box beneath a largepicture windowand you’ll delight guests, impress passersby, and enjoy a great view each time you look outside!

Try a heart-shaped wreath

Valentine’s Day Decorations: DIY Ideas for Windows, Doors, & More (6)

Wreaths don’t just have to go on entry doors. In fact, you canhang them on doors throughout your home, like the kitchen door, bedroom door, and even onclear windows! Valentine’s Day DIY wreaths can be made of candy, flowers, or even just pink and red paper twisted into artful vines by your own hands!

If you do go the exterior door route, keep your creation safe by placing it between an entry door and astorm doorso it’s visible but protected from the elements.

The key here is to make your wreath(s) heart shaped. A romantic red wreath or two will help bring the spirit of the season into your home. Plus, these Valentine’s Day decorations are easy to take down or store for next year when the day ends – unlike some other decorations, which might be a little more involved when it comes time to clean up.

Adorn your walls with Valentine’s Day art

Valentine’s Day Decorations: DIY Ideas for Windows, Doors, & More (7)

If you have kids, odds are good that their teachers will have them making Valentine’s Day projects in the weeks leading up to the big day. Think of these as opportunities to get some free decorations for your household!

Hang their wall art around your home or purchase some other Valentine’s Day wall art at a craft store. Whatever you choose, the right wall art can continue the decorative theme away from the living room or kitchen down the hall and into other areas of your house.

Lean into mood lighting

Valentine’s Day Decorations: DIY Ideas for Windows, Doors, & More (8)

Nothing says “romantic Valentine’s Day staycation” like mood lighting. There are two ways you can go:

  • Make some DIY Valentine’s Day light strings or hang red and pink electric lights around the kitchen, dining room, or bedroom
  • Light all the candles — or at least most of them!

It’s hard to go wrong with candlelight, especially if you’re looking to illuminate the dining room. We recommend getting some tall candles (and maybe some red or violet candleholders for added ambiance) so that your light will last for hours without needing to be refreshed. The warm, soft glow of candles is usually better than electric lights, anyway.

But electric hanging lights can still be great for bringing some red or pink illumination into other rooms, like the living room, or brightening up your doorway on Valentine’s Eve. It’s totally up to you!

Get the table ready for a romantic meal

Valentine’s Day Decorations: DIY Ideas for Windows, Doors, & More (9)

Don’t forget table décor. A flowery centerpiece or an array of candles with heart- shaped candies sprinkled around them can make your table feel festive with just a little bit of effort. Go even fancier with Valentine’s Day tableware, like ceramic plates with hearts in the middle. You can also lean into your love of cooking or baking by setting out treats on small plates around the house – think strawberries dipped in chocolate or sugar cookies!

Pick the Valentine’s Day decorations that speak to you or match what you love about the holiday! It’s all about having a good time and sharing sweet moments with your loved ones.

Of course, getting your home ready for Valentine’s Day décor sometimes means making sure your windows, doors, and patio are all ready for your decorations of choice. Your localWindow Worldcan help – for example, if none of your current windows suit colorful window boxes, Window World’s experts can find you the right windows for some fancy flower boxes, ready for decorating all year long.Contact us today, or use ourstore locatorto learn how a Window World near you can best meet your home renovation needs.

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Valentine’s Day Decorations: DIY Ideas for Windows, Doors, & More (2024)
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