Valentine's Printables for Kids - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (2024)

We love Paper Valentine’s Crafts for Kids, paper crafts are so fun and so so sooo versatile. Though most of us have paper to hand.. sometimes it is helpful to also have a printable or two to download as well! So, I thought this Valentine’s Printables for Kids round up would be super helpful!! Almost all of the ideas shared here today a free printables too!

I hope this collection of printables will suit the whole family this Valentines! From our preschooler, to older kids and even your spouse. There is something for everyone! So get busy this season of love with our best Free Valentine’s Day Printables! Make DIY Valentine Ideas easy and fun, but still special!

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids to make

Hand in hand with printable crafting.. come of course a set of fabulous Prinable Valentine’s Cards. Here we have a mixed collection of “quick print and give” or print, cut and and assemble crafts! Everything from celebrating friendship to best mum! These are perfect classroom Valentine’s Card ideas too! A great way to fill some space in your lesson planning this Valentine’s Day and have some creative fun.

Valentine’s Pop Up Princess Cards – we adore these pop up princesses. Theya re so simple and fun to make and are super sweet Valentine’s for that princess in your life! This is a great one for anyone asking What I can do for my daughter on Valentine’s Day?! She will love it!

One of our most popular free Valentine’s Day Printables, is this ! Well, it is hardly suprising, such a lovely design to colour and adore that it POPS up too! The best thing? You can use this printable for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and as Thank you cards on Teacher Appreciation too!

What do you write in a Valentines Day Card that is funny? Well why not try one of our many valentine’s day pun cards.. You make me Hap-PEA cards – who doesn’t love a pun? Some cute little peas that make us all Hap-PEA indeed!

Valentine’s Pop Up Paper Chain Heart Cards – you can either follow our oh so simple step by step guide and make this pop up heart card by “hand” or make use of the printable Valentine’s worksheets (perfect for classroom crafting as well).

Easy Pop Up Bear and Pop Up Cat Card – you are Purrrrfect! Such a cute template to give a go!

Another free printable Valentines to give a go, are these super sweet Sweetest Valentine’s Day Card and Coloring Page

…or how about this I love your Heart Card? Another great free printable Valentines that you can colour too!

Valentine’s Printable Card

Valentine's Printables for Kids - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (10)

– the fun with pun continues! And we are lucky enough to share 3 fabulous science themed Valentine’s puns – completely free to download. Theya re part of a wider set of cards, but these free are free to download on this blog only!

Printable Valentine’s Gifts

We also love printable Valentine’s Gifts! From quirky conversation heart BBFs, to printables to go with friendship bracelets or homemade treats, check these cute printable gifts out today!

Conversation Hearts BFFs – a quirky Candy Heart craft that kids of all ages will ove to give a go. Such a cute Valentine Craft idea!

Valentine’s Friendship Bracelets and Cards – this is another great little printable set that is perfect for use in the classroom. A cute little pun (Why Knot be my Valentine?) as well as gift for kids to make for their friends and class mates!

– these heart bookmarks are simply stunning. I love that they combine coloring pages with tassle making and are also a small gift to give on Valentines. And yes, the printable is free to download! One oour favourite printable activities for the Season of Love!

LEGO Printable Gift Box! So cute. You can add a small gift, for example LEGO, candy or a sweetie or two into the printable LEGO gift boxes! Whatever takes your fancy!

Printable Treat Toppers – great little labels to print and add to your gift. Another great one, if you are making classroom gifts. You can keep the treats sugar fee and add things like crayons, scrunchies or small toys… or fill up with homemade popcorn, candy, chocolate or sweeties.

Valentine’s Day Crafts with Templates

There are also fun templates to print, cut and assemble. Such as the “Love is in the air” airplanes and “to the moon and back” climber toys. So fun!

Adorable Print & Assemble Valentine’s Teddy Bear – a lovely little preschool activity. Great for practicing cutting skills and assembling. I think these Teddy Bears make super cute decorations too!

Love is in the air cardboard planes

Gorgeous Heart Wands

Fun with Balancing Hearts – a STEAM activity for Valentine’s

Love you to the Moon and Back Valentine’s Day Climber!

Stunning Paper Tealight Lantern – with a free printable (to hand cut or use a cutting machine!).

Black Glue Art Hearts with templates! They make a great small gift for Mom, but also beautiful Valentine’s Day Decorations.

Valentine's Printables for Kids - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (23)

3d Paper Hearts – gorgeous decorations to print and colour for Valentines. You can use the printables to cut or trace hearts and then combine with watercolours or markers to make them bright and cheerful.

Other Printable Valentine’s Day Activities and Fun

And well.. more Printable Valentine’s Day fun. Sometimes it is hard to choose where to pop a printable. But here are some more great ideas for you to print, colour and assemble! Enjoy.

Valentine’s Day Colour By Numbers – yes we have a number of free Valentine Printables. And this is one of them. Your adorable Bunny Colour by number…

Valentine's Printables for Kids - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (25)

… or have a go at this fun printable game: Stained Glass Valentine’s Day Game – print, play and colour! A super simple Valentine Math game helping preschoolers identify numbers and improve their fine motor skills whilst colouring! Print, grab your markers and go!

All you need is a home printer, and you can turn any snack into this cute Cupid Valentine’s Gift/ Card or Bookmark

Secret Message Heart Printables

Valentine's Printables for Kids - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (28)

Printable Notebook Hearts

LEGO Gift Boxes/ Cards

Heart Box Printable

More free downloads, with this oh so cute Valentine’s Glasses Printable

Let’s not forget our four legged friends. You can make this fun Printable Pet Gift filled with fabulous cat and dog treats! Pets will be excited to receive some yummy treats too! Isn’t it the cutest idea!

I hope you have loved these Valentines Printables as much as we do.

We have many more great Paper Valentine’s Crafts for you to browse here:

Valentine's Printables for Kids - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (33)
Valentine's Printables for Kids - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (34)
Valentine's Printables for Kids - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (2024)
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