Cricut Projects for Beginners (2024)

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New to using your Cricut? These easy Cricut projects for beginners are the perfect place to start! Get your feet wet with these fun but simple Cricut crafts using your Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore, or Cricut Joy machine.

Cricut Projects for Beginners (1)

Getting your Cricut out of the box and starting to work with it can be intimidating to anyone! Your Cricut can seem like such a complicated machine, with so many blades, mats, materials and tools. Thankfully, I have good news for you!

I’ve rounded up a bunch of Cricut projects for beginners in this post! These projects are perfect for learning how to use your machine, as well as the blades, mats, tools, and materials you may want to play around with. Sometimes you need a little inspiration to think of some Cricut project ideas.

Need help with your Cricut? Get started with one of my Cricut eBooks! Each book is written for your specific machine, so it contains everything you need to know and nothing you don’t! You can learn to LOVE your Cricut machine!

Easy Cricut Projects for Beginners

Easy Iron On Vinyl Projects

Cricut Projects for Beginners (2)

One of the most basic Cricut materials is iron on vinyl, also called heat transfer vinyl (or HTV for short). Check out my How to Use Cricut Iron On Vinyl post. It has everything (and I mean everything!) you could ever want to know. You can also see my Tips to Get Iron On to Stick and Last Longer.

The most obvious choice is using it on apparel. Check out my Using Iron On Vinyl on a Shirt post for tips on choosing vinyl, getting it lined up, and making sure it sticks—for good! You can also use iron on vinyl on tote bags, pillows, cardstock and even wood!

Then take a look at these other iron on vinyl tutorials that are super simple for beginners!

  • Weeding Iron On Vinyl
  • Can Koozies with Iron on Vinyl
  • Using Iron On Vinyl on Card Stock
  • How to Layer Iron On Vinyl
  • How to Use Iron On Vinyl on a Wood Sign

Easy Adhesive Vinyl Projects

Cricut Projects for Beginners (3)

Adhesive vinyl is another material that’s great for beginner Cricut users. It’s basically a big sticker! My Cricut Phone Case is a fun project. You can also check out my guide to Using Transfer Tape, as well as Layering Adhesive Vinyl.

Here’s some adhesive vinyl projects that even the newest Cricut user can make!

  • DIY Pantry Labels
  • Wood Sign with Adhesive Vinyl
  • Using Adhesive Vinyl on an Ornament
  • Sprinkle Halloween Pumpkin

Easy Card Stock + Paper Projects

Cricut Projects for Beginners (4)

Card stock and paper are two of my favorite materials for new Cricut users because they are so inexpensive—perfect when you’re starting out and don’t want to spend a lot of money! I love making all sorts of things, like these paper stars! Check out my Ultimate Guide to Cutting Cardstock and Paper with a Cricut for all the details.

Want to make more paper and card stock Cricut projects for beginners? Check out these fan favorites from my blog:

  • Giant Paper Flowers (these look hard but I promise they aren’t!)
  • Cute Fruit Banner
  • Gift Card Holder
  • Back to School Frames
  • Giant Paper Snowflakes

More Cricut Projects for Beginners!

Looking for even more beginner Cricut crafts? Check out these fun ideas from some of my favorite bloggers! These crafts are all perfect if you’re just getting started using your Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker.

Iron-On Vinyl:

Cricut Projects for Beginners (5)

Easy Christmas Tea Towels

These cute Christmas tea towels are a quick and easy beginner project for the Cricut Explore Air cutting machine! Just add heat transfer vinyl!

Get the tutorial at Happiness is Homemade

Cricut Projects for Beginners (6)

DIY Pool Float Koozies

Learn how to make DIY koozies with iron on vinyl. It’s easy to personalize koozies with your Cricut or Silhouette and this tutorial!

Get the Tutorial from Persia Lou

Cricut Projects for Beginners (7)

Easy I Love You Gift Tag

You can use this fun Valentine's Day Cricut project to create all kinds of personalized tags or use the pieces to make other project types. Change the colors, materials and even the wording!

Get the tutorial from 100 Directions

Cricut Projects for Beginners (8)

“Mommy Is On A Break” Socks

Make sure everyone knows you’re taking some “me time” with these Mommy Is On A Break socks!

Get the tutorial from Practically Functional

Cricut Projects for Beginners (9)

“Fries Before Guys” Shirt

The best tutorial for how to make a shirt with a Cricut! Everything you need to know from how to design, to cut Cricut iron on vinyl, to ironing it onto a t-shirt! You’ll be a pro ‘Cricut shirt maker’ in no time.

Get the tutorial from Pretty Providence

Cricut Projects for Beginners (10)

10-Minute Geometric Heart Shirt

Looking for an easy Cricut beginner project? This 10 minute DIY geometric heart shirt is so cute and simple to make. A perfect first Cricut project!

Get the tutorial from Hello Creative Family

Patterned Iron-On Vinyl:

Cricut Projects for Beginners (11)

Patterned Iron On Cactus Shirt

Have you seen Cricut’s Patterned Iron On yet? I’m in love! I stumbled upon the Nature Walk Basics sampler and just knew the black and white patterns would look amazing on a shirt (and a million other things).

Get the tutorial from See Vanessa Craft

Adhesive Vinyl:

Cricut Projects for Beginners (12)

Easy DIY Sign

Sharing this easy DIY sign tutorialwith you using a cute image from the Cricut Design Space Library. Let’s get started!

Get the tutorial from Ginger Snap Crafts

Cricut Projects for Beginners (13)

Personalized Phone Case

Create a Cricut Phone Case using your Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker. Choose from hundreds of trendy designs available in Cricut Design Space.

Get the tutorial from See Lindsey


Cricut Projects for Beginners (14)

DIY Ice Cream Card

Learn how to make this simple I Like you More than Ice Cream Card using the new Cricut Maker! A fun card to add to your stock pile!

Get the tutorial from Inspiration Made Simple

Cricut Projects for Beginners (15)

Fiesta Inspired Cake Toppers & Treat Bags

Creating fun party decor has never been easier! These Easy DIY Fiesta Inspired Cake Toppers & Treat Bags were a cinch to make with the help of the Cricut Maker and the new scoring wheel!

Get the tutorial from The Crafted Sparrow

Cricut Iron On Designs:

Cricut Projects for Beginners (16)

Mermaid Pillow

The premade Cricut Iron-On Designs make it so easy to create beautiful pillows, t-shirts and more!

Get the tutorial from Our Crafty Mom


Cricut Projects for Beginners (17)

DIY Leather Key Fob

DIY Leather Key Fobs make a great gift or personal accessory, and SUCH an easy DIY!

Get the tutorial from Lydi Out Loud


Cricut Projects for Beginners (18)

Heart Shaped Fabric Coasters

Sharing my easy to make heart shaped fabric coasters that I made using theCricut Maker. Consider using two different fabrics like I did with the pink/white stripes and the pink/white floral fabric. After all, they are reversible!

Get the tutorial from Create and Babble

Cricut Projects for Beginners (19)

Get the Cricut of Your Dreams!

Cricut Projects for Beginners (2024)
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